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Bookish character relations.

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  • i've split this into a few groups, the title, the subtitle and the body, along with the few goodies (like font decoration, etc.) that can be used with it. editing it should be fairly simple, <p> is used instead of a cell/div/table. just add/subtract as the cr chart builds.

  • there is a 30px padding-bottom on the main div set, if you are using a single double column, then you can just delete the extra space. it's meant to separate the title/subtitle and the next set.

  • code for the whole thing:

  • code for the title & subtitle:

  • code for the body:

  • code for links:

  • please credit [community profile] utgard if used. thanks xoxox!!
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Icon dump.

icon time again. there will be previews when i'm finished, these are wip. please credit [personal profile] cocytus if using. thnx.

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The clean-up continues.

WHERE DO i put what now. here's oodles of loki icons from the mighty thor no. 3, also some angela in a hoodie. please credit [personal profile] cocytus if you use. tyvm!!!

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Beep beep, I'm a jeep.

i figured that i needed a place to put everything. here's some icons! i'll probably edit this and make it more sense/be more organized later.

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